.MIDILoop and missing samples


A while back I made a bunch of different drum patterns using NI Battery 4 and a sample pack I had just gotten. Being new, I hadn’t put the samples in a permanent location (as I recall, I had them in my downloads folder at the time). I then saved .MIDILoop files. I made a couple dozen of these and have access to them in Media Bay and the loop browser. I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Since then, I’ve moved those samples to a more permanent place on my sample drive. Now every time I want to browse through those MIDI loops, Media Bay needs me to re-point to the sample location. However, it doesn’t seem to store this new path with the midi loop and I have to relink them each time. Does anyone know a way to update the sample path of a .MIDILoop file without just re-saving it with the new path?