Midimorphosis 2 with Cubasis3

I just want to share some useful information.
I have just upgraded Midimorphosis 1 to 2 at a cost of £4.49 on the App Store.
It is now AUv3, I can play my guitar/Mandolin and Mandola into the app and it will record accurate midi notes in Cubasis, so my stringed instruments can now sound like Animoog Z or any instrument in my Audio Units list. The strings tuning can be changed inside the app to suit any stringed instrument.
Midimorphosis 2 also creates Tab that I can export to Reflow Music Writing App, I haven’t tried exporting to Guitar-Pro yet but according to a YouTube video this can easily be done.
Have a look at this video and make your own mind up……don’t let the little cat distract you