Midiplus x3mini controller

Hello! I’ve recently adquired a Cubase 13 Elements license and a Midiplus x3mini, they keyboard is working fine every single note, but i can’t use the play and record button, they don’t work. If i go to midi remote, this just read mi knobs events but never the buttons!

This is not a major issue but i would really appreciate if you guys tell me how to set my midiplus x3mini controller play/pause and record buttons into cubase!

p.d:i already tried it in other DAW and play pause, and record works fine!



What kind of MIDI Messages do these buttons send out, please?

Hello, reading the user manual, it says that playback buttons come by default in MMC but i can change them to CC.

MMC is short for MIDI Machine Control and is basically the mother of all musical remote control protocols, dating back to the 1980’s. As far as I recall Cubase Elements does not have support for MMC, so you’d need to switch your Midiplus to send CC (Continuous Controller) instead. Then this needs to be mapped to Cubase’s transport functions but I am not certain that Elements supports this either.

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indeed, the playback buttons are working fine now after swithcing them from MMC to CC! All done! Thank you guys! <3

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