I want to use the midi implementation to remotly send a record command (note on 95) and a stop command(note on 93) to wavelab. All the Midi commands are working except of the stop command when using an external controller.
When using Wavelab itself it transmits the following answer


channel: 1
note: 95
velocity: 127


channel: 1
note: 95
velocity: 0

via the externe USB-Midi controller it is only possible to start the recording with “noteOn” and also to stop the recording with note on.( This does not work in practice)
“noteOff” is ignored

Seems to me to be a bug. I contacted Steinberg support 4 weeks ago, got a ticket, but no answer till today. Quite customer unfriendly.


Better to come here and post your question. Steinberg tech support is really, really bad for getting back to people. Learned by experience.

Are you recording in a montage or in a record window?

Just tried it and for me the Record command opens record window but to actually start the recording I need to use the Open Record Window. If I have a record enabled track in montage both commands work to start the recording. And they work as toggle. So the same command can be used to start/stop the recording.

I can confirm the problems.

For a test, I made the following settings in the WavLab (10) dialog for remote control:

record: NoteOn 95 (B5) Channel 1
stop: NoteOn 93 (A5) Channel 1 or NoteOff 95 (A5) Channel 1
note: 95

Here the system behaves as follows:

When I first press the MIDI remote control Record (NoteOn 93 (A5) Channel 1), the recording window opens.

When the recording window is open, I can also start and stop the recording with the midi note “NoteOn 93 (A5) Channel 1”.
The Stop button (NoteOn 93 (A5) Channel 1 or NoteOff 95 (A5) Channel 1) does not work at all.

Furthermore, there is a much more serious problem in my opinion:

Directly after stopping the recording, the system needs about 1-2 seconds before it reacts to further MIDI record commands. This means that I cannot restart the recording immediately after stopping the recording. This is only possible after the delay of 1-2 seconds.

(I guess that during this delay the recording process is completed, so that the next MIDI record command can only be processed afterwards?)

This delay can also be seen. A new recording via the MIDI recording button is only possible if the recording button is activated in the recording window. (recognizable by a blue framed line).

So the MIDI interface is not really usable as a remote control (for me).
I also think it is a bug.
Does anyone use a similar setup to control WaveLab 10 remotely and has a solution?