Might be a silly question but... Has Routing Multiple Tracks in Project Window Shortcut Changed?

Might be a silly question but… Has Routing Multiple Tracks in Project Window Shortcut Changed?

I’ve been looking for 1/2 and hour and can’t find answer - I know it says “All Selected with Shift+Option+Click” but this not working for me…?

I have to go to mixer window and use Q-Link?

I’m using Pro 9.5 on a Mac Pro


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Hi and welcome,

No, it doesn’t change. Hold down Option+Shift modifiers while click to the new Output sets the output of all selected tracks to the same (selected) output. If you hover over the output field, the tooltip should show you the Key Command.

Thanks Martin, I can see the tooltip… tried it 100 times and doesn’t work for me? in CB 9.5

what is the command / macro called so I can modify it?

My q-link Highlights on the mixer window, but in the project window it only changes the output of the one I’m clicking on, even if two are highlighted.


When I hold down Shift+Option the Q-Link is enabled in the MixConsole (even if the focus is in the Project window). If I search for the Q-Link in the KeyCommands, no KeyCommands is assigned on my side (default setup). So it seems it’s somehow hard-coded.

It’s still working to me on macOS with Cubase 9.5.30. You have to keep the Option+Shift hold down, while choosing the new output.