Migrate a Nuendo PC session to MAC : MAC session doesn't keep the tracks frozen

I’m trying to migrate a Nuendo PC session to MAC. It’s going pretty well, but the MAC session doesn’t keep the tracks frozen (the reference files are where they belong, though). Does anyone know of this problem or have a solution?

I wonder what @Dietz thinks. @Dietz, I know you’re switching from PC to MAC. Have you ever transferred entire sessions with frozen tracks?

No, I haven’t. My Macs and PCs have pretty much the same set of plug-ins installed (with a few exceptions), so I never need to do so. And Projects from other people come to my place in a very raw state, typically. :sunglasses:

BTW: Couldn’t you use “Render In Place” instead?

I need to be able to unfreeze the tracks. It’s to save CPU, just in case, on big sessions, before the print. But it’s ok, I can re-freeze the tracks step by step in MAC. I just find it odd that it loses those freezes. Anyway, thanks for your reply.