Migrate license Cubase pro 10

I am going to migrate my license of Cubase pro 10 desktop (windows 10) machine to a laptop (windows 10) machine

I checked all previous threads regarding this subject - the links provided seemed to be expired.

Anyway that can help ?



Unless I am sorely mistaken:

You don’t need to do anything. You download Cubase Pro and install it on ANY number of computers. You need to have your usb e-licenser dongle inserted to the computer for the program to work.

Or do you mean something else?

This is correct, the license is held on your USB eLicenser.

Fantastic. That would also be the most logical way. Was just worried if some sort of new registration was needed. I will try this.

Thanks a lot

Dr Tolle

You don’t install on ANY number of computers, but max. 3. Other than that ir is correct.

You are limited to the license being installed on a max of 3 machines, not the software itself. You do not need a license to install, only to use.

Since the original question was about “migrating the license” not the software I was refering to that, (implying the benefit of installing a software is to also use it) overseeing that the thread I quoted was talking about “Cubase”.
So yes it seems you can install Cubase on ANY computer you like, but only use it on max. 3 computers you own.

Then please consider changing your reply where you said “You don’t install on ANY number of computers”, as it’s false/misleading information which could put people off considering Cubase for as their DAW of choice. The salient message here is that you need the USB Dongle inserted on the machine.

Sorry, sorry, I didn’t know there was a maximum limit of 3. I have it installed on just two machines.

Again sorry for any confusion I’ve caused.

Edit: Now I too am confused. :laughing: :blush:

Well this is the trouble when people start posting mis-information for their own obtuse reasons, you’re fine to install it on whatever machines, the key factor is that the license can only be used on one machine at a time.

As per terms:-
“If the software is protected by the eLicenser alone, you may install a license for the software on one or at most 3 computers which are in your possession. The software may be used only on one of the computers at the same time by using the USB-eLicenser.”

As you’re technically not ‘installing’ a license with a USB eLicenser (It’s a portable license) the 3 computer term is practically impossible to enforce anyway. For starters you can’t de-activate the license on a machine like you can a software license (Which is also eLicenser) which means you would be unable to manage such restrictions.

Plus, it is technically deactivated as soon as you remove the dongle so can’t possibly co-exist on 3 machines, anyway.

You install the USB eLicenser, since it doesn´t work without its own e-Licenser control software. And that is allowed for a maximum of 3 computers that are in your possession, so it limits you to use Cubase on max 3 computers in your possession.

Why do you feel the need to complicate this?

You can install the elicenser for demo/trial purposes and software activated via the internet so you’re now implying that i’m immediately breaking terms if i put that on a fourth machine? Absolute Nonsense.

As i said before the sailent message here is that the dongle IS the license, and you can use it on ONE machine at once. The 3 rule limit is negated by the fact that in regards to USB Dongle users the license is portable and doesn’t exist on the machine once removed. That’s the entire point of it!

You’re confusing the global eLicenser system with the specifics of a portable USB License, why you feel the need to be obtuse and correct people when you’re wrong is just bizarre and unhelpful?! I just don’t understand the logic behind it.

If you feel that the license remains ‘installed’ on the machine when the dongle is removed then please explain how that works, and why steinbergs zero downtime policy even exists to provide a temp license if you lose your dongle?

I don´t feel that need. It is (IMHO) quite simple.

If that was the case (and that is not what I am saying), then you definitely have to install that license on a computer - and again that´s then 3 computers max and they have to be in your possession.

It works like any other hardware that is installed on a computer system. It can be installed, although it is not connected.

Because users wanted it, and Steinberg implemented it. Other than that I don´t understand the relation to the subject.

Because there is no logic in doing that. But (even though you seem to see that different) as anything else in this thread it is just your opinion versus my opinion. And until someone from Steinberg tells me I am wrong, my opinion is just as valid as yours.

So you actually think the license stays installed on that machine, even when removed? If that’s the case then a lost license could be retrieved somehow using Steinbergs tools, and the Zero Downtime system would not have been such a critical demand from users.

The license never gets installed as the USB dongle is constantly being accessed during usage of the software, you’re just arguing for the sake of it now, and haven’t even removed the misinformed posted earlier where you felt to wrongly correct another user who was helping. The more you try to be obtuse in helping people the more embarrassing this gets.

Cubase gets a lot of dislikes because the of the dongle to start with, if people like yourself starts telling anyone reading these forums that they can only install it on 3 machines then it’s not really helping the reputation is it? Then you take it further claiming that you can only install the licensing software on 3 machines when questioned on it.

I feel this is more a personal battle for you than showing any signs of actually wanting to help others, and it sucks. Try and consider others please.

To be honest thought I was just moving the USB key to another computer with Cubase but now this comes up. Ref. pic

If I choose start license activation it asks for an activation code

What to do ?

Dr Tolle :wink:

You know what to do … :wink:

Well actually I dont know because after having put the activation code in, an error message pops up saying ‘The activation code has already been used already’ (please ref the screenshot) And then we are back to the initial question.

People here said that the only thing necessary was to move the USB to the another computer - install Cubase and then everything would be running.

So should I order a new registration code or ?

Dr Tolle

You do not need another code. Entering a code at any stage will probably only confuse the issue.

Are you sure the license is on the USB eLicenser? If it is then all you need is to install the license software and Cubase.

Are you sure you have downloaded the right version of the software? Which version is the license for?
Cubase Pro 10 and 10.5 are NOT the same as far as license goes and in one of your screen shots you have a desktop icon for 10.5 but you have only referenced version 10. A version 10 license will not let you run 10.5.

Right now, it’s important that you establish what license you have on your USB dongle, so:-

  1. Start the eLicenser control center software, with USB Dongle plugged in.

  2. Select the USB-eLicenser (Picture of a USB stick) from the eLicesensers section on the left.

  3. Double check what Cubase licenses is displayed (On the right) i.e. “Cubase Pro 10” or “Cubase Pro 10.5” etc.

If at step 2 you don’t see any USB stick listed then perhaps you are using an incompatible USB port (I’ve had USB3 ports not work with the dongle before), so swap ports. OR something is wrong with the actual sub-installation for the syncrosoft/usb dongle drivers.

If you do see a license at step 3 then check that corresponds to your installed version.

As above important that 10.0.5 is not confused with 10.5:-
Cubase Pro 10 License only covers up to 10.0.x software installs, such as 10.0.4, 10.0.5 etc.
Cubase Pro 10.5 License covers 10.5.x installs, such as 10.5.1, 10.5.12 etc.
(Apologies if you’re already aware of that)