Migrate preferences after upgrade

After upgrading to Cubase 9.5 I was again tasked with manually migrating my preferences and settings over from 9.0. Why can’t this be a feature of the upgrade?

My Preferences have always automatically migrated fine with every upgrade including 9.5*. Other folks seem to chronically have a problem where this doesn’t happen. Not sure why this happens. I’ve seen posts that claim this problem occurs when you select the option to install for all users on the computer, but others say this isn’t the case.

That said Steinberg should figure out why the migration does not consistently occur.

If you’re on Pro using Profiles is probably easier than manually copying files.


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Actually, this was the first upgrade where the prefs -did- migrate properly–well except for colours and apparently there is a bug in that code.

But I feel your pain. This is so basic it shouldn’t even have to be discussed.

I’m using 9.5 Pro with user profiles and nothing migrated. I had to got to the hidden appdata folder and copy files manually. Cubase should just let us store our preference for keycommands, VST connections, preference, logical editor presets etc… wherever we want. There are no consistency on how saved preferences are managed. When we want to load whatever stored setting, Cubase should open a standard file browser to the default saving destination asking us where we want to store them.

Why when we want to store key commands, we dont get asked where we want to store them and yet if we want to load them, Cubase opens a file browser but not even to saved destination. Of coarse not, that folder is hidden… Complete nonsense and confusing half designed botched programming.

When some of us say stop releasing new features and fix the many existing flaws. That is a good example right there. I guess they prefer pointless changes like moving the order that things are listed in the preferences. Or changing the name of “Devices/VST Connections” to “Studio/Audio Connections” and charge you 60$ for it. Now that’s real progress!

Very disappointing upgrade.

Same here

Same here.

Should think that Steinberg wanted to make an upgrade as easy as possible = more sales?!

Steinberg; time to prioritize easy migration/upgrading