Migrate to MacOsx Sierra from Win10

I am trying to move all my projects from my Windows 10 system to MacOsx. I copied all of the project files. It seemed to be ok until I realized none of my presets were there. I copied all the xml files then ran into problems starting up because some of the files had Windows file locations instead of Mac. I then replaced those files with the previous Mac version. I still dont have the presets and now C9 can’t locate the audio files in pool. I can bring up the pool contents with command-p and see the files but still isn’t finding all of the audio files.
Obviously I’m not doing this correctly…

What is the procedure to migrate from Win10 to MacOsx?? Is there a document of any kind?
I tried searching the forum and the Steinberg site but I haven’t found anything yet.

Anybody? Surely someone has done this before and knows the proper steps to migrate projects to a Mac?

I migrated from PC to Mac but I can’t remember having huge problems with projects. This was a while ago.

I was not using a lot of presets in any case and just started afresh with Cubase.

I tend to remember that Cubase shows a dialogue upon opening a project if it cannot find all the files of the project. Select the option where you can enter the new folder path for the missing files.