Migrating Cubase 12 to New Mac

Currently on Mac mini and now want to install everything fresh on a new Mac Studio.
Figured out how to deactivate Cubase 12 on old Mac.
For things like re-installing plugins, if using ilok, is the license tied to the machine and need to be unauthorized or removed from that machine before installing on new machine?

Also does Cubase need to be installed on internal drive? I know we have the option to re-direct the content.


iLok offers local, USB or cloud license type. Not all plug-in vendors are offering all these options. So it depends how did you set it up.

On Mac you can put the application to any drive.

Is it recommended to install on internal drive for fastest access?
My external will be a Samsung T7


If your external drive is SSD with high speed connection to the computer then it doesn’t matter.