Migrating Cubase 9 to new Win10 laptop

Hi, I hope I’m posting this question in the proper forum, apologies if not.

I’m trying to install Cubase 9 on a new win10 (64bit) laptop I’ve been given from work. I’ve installed the program and I’ve installed the eLicenser and usb dongle. However when I try to run Cubase it just sits at the loading screen, saying "initialising eLC’ at the bottom. I presume this means the eLicenser.

Does anyone have any idea why the program is not starting? Do I have to migrate my eLicenser over to this new laptop some how? If so, how do I do this? It’s not mentioned anywhere that I can see.

Try starting the eLicenser program as ADMIN, and run a maintenance.
Oh and make sure you are running the latest eLicenser software.

This was the solution for me on my W10. The thing just wouldn’t budge until I had the most up to date elicenser software.