Migrating folder

Hello all,

I want to ask the following, I recently switched to Mac and want to know what the ideal way of installation in order to get the max of performance.
For the info I have installed on my 2019 Mac 40gb ram.
I am planning soon to get this https://www.techradar.com/reviews/samsung-x5-portable-ssd

I have already installed cubase 10 pro on root hdd( not ssd) is it gonna give a boost to performance to move the whole folder of cubase to the ssd? and is it possible to be done. In Windows it was, on Mac the installation folders are fixed. Also if moving the vst/vst3 folders (that contain only the plugins not the libraries ) would give better performance or not? and again is it possible too?

Thank you in advance


You can move the application itself to other folder.

But if you want to speed it up, I would first recommend to install the macOS to a SSD drive.