Migrating from Mac to Win, Virus TI Plugin Problem

While switching my Cubase 8 projects from a Mac to a Win machine, I found a BIG problem with my Virus TI.
Reopening projects works, everything else is ok, but the Virus TI plugin isn’t recognized.
Reloading it manually works, but resets mixer channells, automations, and loaded patches.
Both systems Mac and Win are 64 bits, last version of Virus Control, same Virus P0lar, Cubase 8. In both cases my TI works stable.
But Windows Cubase doesn’t load the plugin if the project has been built on Mac, telling me “Virus TI is missing”. But It is there and I can recall it manually on a new track.
Any idea?

I made the same switch not too long ago.

I, unfortunately, don’t own a Virus TI, but did see that issue with other plugins.

I think it’s in the naming details of the plugin, between the two formats, an attention to detail the plugin developer did not think of. It’s not a Cubase issue, per se.

I think with some plugins (like Sknote), renaming the DLL might work.

Sorry, that’s all I got.

Thanks a lot !
I forwarded the trouble to Access forum, so, maybe, they will solve the issue.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Access guys solved my problem with a small tool that converts the cpr file (maybe changing some stuff related to naming as you said). Anyway, thanks a lot Jalcide.