Migrating from Sibelius - MusicXML

Hi all!
I have a ton of old .sib files back from University days. I don’t have a Sibelius license and don’t intend to buy one. Does anybody know if it’s possible to load these old files and convert them to MusicXML so I can later import them into Dorico?
For Finale files, I am using Finale NotePad 2012 which does the job. Does Sibelius have a free reader that can accomplish that?

Sibelius First (which is free) can export MusicXML, though I’m not sure whether it can handle files with more than four instruments; certainly expect some limitations.

Failing that, I’m up to date with Sibelius here (as are many others, I’m sure). I’d be happy to batch convert a big folder of Sibelius files and ping them back to you as MusicXMLs.

Just installed Sibelius First:

However there is no export to MusicXML option.

You can install “Full Sibelius” for a 30-day demo, which should work without limitations.