Migrating LE5 to new PC

I had LE5 running on an XP machine and recently migrated to a Win7 PC. Before even getting into using he Zoom H4N, as the audio interface as I had done successfully on the XP machine. I’m not able to hear previously recorded tracks over the PC speakers or through the H4N monitor. I’m guessing this is an ASIO setup issue. Seems like this should be simple but I’m not sure what I’m missing. Available ASIO drivers are: ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver, ZOOM H Series ASIO, Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver. I’m thinking I should be able to use the ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver . The VST Connections Output L/R are set to Realtek Digital Output 1/2. Audio plays but is not audible. Tried importing midi files to test to no avail. I tried setting up the ZOOM H Series ASIO according to the ZOOM doc but Cubase doesn’t receive the input. I thinking getting the ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver functioning should be the simpler step 1 but I’m open to suggestion.

Select the Zoom driver and monitor through the Zoom outputs.

You really don’t want to use the “Full Duplex Driver” if you don’t have to.

How did you have it set up on your XP machine?

Using the Zoom driver I don’t hear the output through the Zoom. I thought the “Full Duplex Driver” might be more “native” to Cubase and simpler to troubleshoot but the using the Zoom I/F is the goal. The XP machine is dead now but as I recall I had no trouble following the Zoom “getting started” doc and using the Zoom driver. Input and output worked. I must have something set up wrong. Thanks

After selecting the Zoom driver, make sure your VST Connections are configured properly. The other thing to check would be your track inspector in/out.

You say you tried importing MIDI files to test. Did you have them triggering a VSTi? What happens with an audio file?

Do you see any activity on the meters in Cubase?

I set VST Connections according to the ZOOM doc. Track Inspector seems ok.

I imported a midi file but I didn’t trigger a VSTi. Not a good test. The only file that can be imported is midi. Audio & video are grayed out.

I left email for Zoom support but no reply as yet. Steinberg only supports registration and activation for OEM versions (LE5).

Thanks for helping

Steinberg support suggested reinstalling LE5 which I did but I’m back to where I was, i.e. no input (on the Cubase meters) and no audible output.

BTW - Scab Pickens, I do see activity on the Cubase meters when playing back previously recorded projects.

I think I should be able to playback a project with LE5 and hear the output. Not sure what magic this takes.

Reaching Zoom tech support is not easy. I’ve left email and voice mail.

I saw a youtube video showing the h4n with audacity. I gave it a try and it works. I can record and playback through the h4n. still trying to figure out the cubase LE5 magic.

It was necessary to setup the ASIO Input and ASIO Output in the VST System Link under Device setup. These were set to Not Connected. After selecting the ZOOM H4N for Input and Output things are working. I hope this saves someone else some time.