Migrating to new computer, what about update discs etc.


I just got me a new MacPro and want to install my Steinberg software on it. I have a Cubase 4 full version and a Cubase 5.5 upgrade disc. Likewise, I have the HalionPlayer full version and a HalionSonic upgrade disc.

What would be the best way to proceed? I have the licenses for all products on my Steinberg USB key, but do I still need the original registration codes etc.?

I guess I mean that my USB key only shows licenses for C5 and HalionSonic, but I can’t install those without installing the older software first. The licenses for the older software are no longer on my USB key.

Please advise.


No just the 5.5 update CD and the Steinberg key, the license is now actually on the key, you can take the key and install the software on as many computers as you want, but it will only work on the computer that has the key plugged into at any given time.

Many of us use multiple computers but have only one Cubase license

Your Cubase 5 license allows you to run C4. The C4 license was overwritten when you upgraded.

Thanks for your replies. But do I still need to install C4 and HalionPlayer before I install the C5.5 and HalionSonic upgrades?