Migrating to new computer - where's my serial?

Dear all helpful knowledgeable people,

My computer crashed, and now I need to install and use Dorico (I forgot which version of Pro I have) on my new machine. How do I go about this? I was hoping that it would be as straightforward as logging into my Steinberg account and just authorize my new computer online, but no luck so far (or maybe I’m just blind). I sent a question to the Steinberg crew some days ago but no answer.

Does anybody know if there’s a simple solution to my problem?

Best wishes from Stockholm

/ Nils

I might have dropped the ball but have you tried installing the Steinberg Activation Manager?

If you’re using 3.5 or earlier, you’ll need to install the old activation software, whereas the more recent updates have switched to the new Steinberg activation software. In this latter case, it should indeed be as simple as logging into your Steinberg ID and activating your computer.