Migrating to new iPad

I’m migrating from an iPad 2 to a new iPad 4. Both are running iOS 6.1.3

Is there a more elegant way of migrating Cubasis from the iPad 2 to my new iPad? Or do I have to transfer projects, midi files and audio files to my desktop then load them to the new iPad?


I have one (untested) suggestion: you could try to enable the WiFi-Server of one iPad and access it from the other one. Then you can open the files that you want to transfer in Cubasis. This could at least save the extra step over your iPad. Let me know if this worked for you.

If this does not work you will have to take the intermediate step over your computer.

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Thanks for the tip. However, how do I enable the Wi-Fi server of one of the iPads?


this is an option in the setup menu. After activation, it shows you an URL that you can enter in a browser (ensure that both iPads are in the same network).

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I’ve tried this and I can’t seem to upload my projects back to the iPad, since I can’t upload a folder. The same problem occurs with iTunes file sharing. I can’t find a way to get my projects back into the media bay.

I hope you have a solution because otherwise there is no way to restore backed up files in case your iPad dies or gets stolen, or you need to reinstall.

That seems somewhat dramatic. In those circumstances, I would just set up a new iPad using iTunes from a backup of the old one, in which case it would be an exact clone of the old iPad including Cubasis projects and everything else. Are you saying that wouldn’t work? If not, that would be a first. I’ve upgraded iPads and iPhones in the past several times, and it was easy. I can’t see why this would be any different.

Hi Stevepcom,

I think that you also can do a backup of the iPad 2 with iTunes.
Then connect the new iPad and restore the backup of the iPad 2.

All your projekts are included in this backup. I think this will be the easiest way to migrate the new iPad.



Sometimes I prefer to set up a new iPad as a fresh one to avoid problems, also in case your system is acting up a restore may be needed, and loading an old backup can re-introduce the problems.

There should be a way to backup your projects and load them back again or onto a new iPad without having to do a complete restore of your backup.

Also, what if you wanted to send a project to a friend? - then a backup won’t work :wink:

Hello Schaufuss,

In this case you also can use iTunes to import and export whole projects.

  • connect the iPad to Itunes
  • go to tab “Apps” on the iPad.
  • scroll down, here you will find Apps which allow file sharing.
  • select Cubasis from the list of supportet apps.
  • now you can drag & drop the project(s) to the Cubasis documents.

Make shure that you have compressed the project folder to zip formated file.
You do not have to drag it into the folder “Projects”. Just drag it into the field, or click on “Add…”



Thanks Jan, it works perfectly.

Thanks for the tip Jan. I ended up restoring from a backup of the old iPad because there were other apps I needed to migrate. All good now.