Migrating to New Mac C10.5 licence LOST

Because I was aware Licenses coujd be lost on Steinbergs notorious ELicenser system ,I contacted Support ,waited 2weeks got no reply or help and decided to transfer Licences myself .I am a 71 year old active musician so this was no mean feat .I later realised the C10.5 .30 I have been using for 2years has defaulted to C.10 !Part of the reason I was waiting for support was ,I had read that if anything went wrong with the ELicenser process ,I would have to pay unnecessary money to upgrade to C.11 on my new Mac Mini M1
Bottom line Steinberg is not satisfied with evidence on my old IMac showing I’ve been using C10.5.20or.30,because the ELicenser which started the issue in the first place ,has erased the license .Its defaulted to C.10-nil upgrade or update
They want me to show proof of purchase ,which for some reason I can find nowhere .I may have upgraded in the C.10 hub ,had a problem ,and been sent a link -and the Steinberg rep may not have logged my purchase in .I have also closed two bank accounts since 2019
I have been with Steinberg at least 11years and bought software all those years but somehow they seem to be inferring I am lying
It’s not a lot of money but there’s a PRINCIPLE involved -if there’s a dispute between buyer and seller ,and I am not prepared to suffer and buy same software twice!!After all Steinberg is preparing to phase out the notoriously unreliable and UNuser friendly ELicenser for the above reason
Why would I waste 3weeks arguing with Steinberg about this ? There’s a principle involved
I am of the strongest opinion ,even though I can’t find my receipt that equally Asknet never logged in my purchase .My bank statements don’t show
All I truthfully know is I bought C10.5,30 ,have USED IT FOR 2YEARS and since I tried to migrate to a new computer ( Mac Mini M1) the ELicenser has made the record of it disappear
Any help on this would be appreciated .
Thank You

What about logging into your steinberg account online as this shows what you have?

It’s a real bummer
In my ELicenser on my old computer the IMac 3 weeks ago ,before I attempted to transfer to new MacMini it showed C10.5.30
I must have done something not right ?because by when I transferred the USB dongle to Mac Mini ( new computer) ,it’s reverted to C.10 default ,no upgrades .So I took dongle back to IMac hoping to retrieve C.10.30 ,I think it said ,it did “not recognise the USB any longer or it’s from another computer “or similar message
Basically the process baffles me and Steinberg have decided if I can’t provided proof of purchase (Asknet AG can’t find record )also then that’s it .I think when I bought it there was a problem and Support sent me a link ,so they may not have logged my payment .I have never used crack software !!Steinberg are being adamant even though I have read about customers losing their license during the ELicenser process

Thanks for trying to help anyway

Kari (Alfred Bannerman)

Kari (Alfred Bannerman)

This is what I found on my ICloud Drive dated 18/10/2021