Migrating to New PC Desktop

Hello. I have just purchased a new PC Desktop Intel 17-12900 chip with 24 threads, GTX 3070 card, 1 TB SSD and 5 TB Hard Drive and 128GB RAM. It runs on DDR5 chips. I need to decide whether to transfer all my applications, files, and profile data from my current Windows 10 machine to my new Windows 11 machine, or whether to UNINSTALL everything from my current machine and REINSTALL it on my new machine. I currently use Cubase 12 Pro, and have an extensive VST library from all the well know developers. If anyone has recent experience on doing this, would you please let me know how you decided to proceed. I see that EASEUS and LAPLINK both provide file transfer but I have no experience using them, and don’t know how effective they would be for transferring professional audio files. Any thoughts and insights will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

There is no need to uninstall anything from the old machine. Best thing to do is to use the installers from the various developers to do the installs. Personally I have never found any programs like EASEUS to actually work – they can make you work even harder.

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I just run in parallel for a while until I’m sure everything is setup in the new pc. I then keep the old one for a few months in case something crops up I missed.