Migration begins. New Mac. New Cubase version. Help!

Hello all,

I now have a new Macbook pro M1 Max and will be moving from Cubase 10.5 to 12 (not yet purchased or downloaded). I think I probably want to do a completely clean install but what are the suggestions for which cubase settings to move over from the previous version on my Mac intel machine.

I assume there are certain folders which are vital if I want to maintain my templates and other settings.

Which ones would you move, and where the hell are they :slight_smile:

I have all my cubase project files along with libraries on an external drive. Assume I may need to point things like Kontakt at them again after the install

Thanks for any help you guys can offer.


At your old computer Export the Profile from Edit > Profile Manager. This way, you can get the most settings in one file to the new Cubase.

Thanks, that sounds useful. That’s in Cubase, on Mac correct?


That’s in Cubase on both platforms: Mac and Windows.

Thanks . helpful.