Migration from cubase 9.5-->10 doesn't work, please help.

After using cubase 9.5 I have Finally bought a copy of cubase 10.
Before formatting my computer I have saved my profile under profile manager so I could just hop in cubase 10 and feel at home :slight_smile:
I formatted my Mac and installed cubase 10 ,then proceeded to loading my old preferences:
I go to Edit–>profile manager–>imported my cubase 9.5 pro .srf file—>enabled the profile–>restarted cubase—>Nothing Changed, everything remains stock cubase preferences, key command etc.



Are you sure you saved the right profile from Cubase 9.5?

I Don’t think there’s any other way then going to the profile manager and clicking export is there?


Here is the description. Are you sure you selected the correct profile? Some users thing the active profile is exported.

Ya I’m sure.


I just tested it. The colours have not been migrate from C9.5 to C10 via the Profile Manager. But the KeyCommands list was migrate on my side.

Already started manually adjusting Cubase :frowning:


The fact, that the colours are not migrated is an known fact. But the rest should be migrated.

Could you attach the file? I could check it on my side.