First of all I am sorry if I might be asking the same issue that has probably been discussed in all the previous threads.

I have bought the UR44 and I got the included package of Cubase ai inside with its license

Recently my old PC has been broken and I am going to install the Cubase in the new pc

To start, I am going to list down all the actions that I have done:

  • I have created Steinberg account and I have register the elicense and reactivate the elicense
    -I have installed the elicenser control center at its newest version and have done the maintenance.
    -I have installed Cubase le ai elements 9.5 using the exe in the previous harddisk
    -I found out that the license is not long enough to input in the Cubase le ai elements 9.5 when I opened it.

I don’t really understand how this works, if I may, could you please help me how to migrate the license to my new pc.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Hi and welcome,

Do I understand you have activated and registered your Cubase on the old computer, right? Then you have reactivated to the new computer, is this right? When you open eLCC, can you see the license there?

Yes I have registered that in the old computer.
Yes I can see the license there in the ELCC
About the reactivation, is that the one inside the Steinberg account, my account, my product? if yes then yes I have, and this appeared Your eLicenser with the number xxxxxxx was successfully registered.
Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.
Am I doing this wrong? If yes then what should I do next?
Thank you for your help.


When you reactivated, you have chosen the old Soft-eLicenser and you type the new Soft-eLicenser, right?


No I didn’t type the new elicense, I typed in the old elicense, if I understand it correctly, I assume that I should be getting a new activation code, but why I didn’t?

Thank you.

One thing to make sure, does the activation code written in the paper that is given along when I purchase the UR44 is only a one-time usage code?


No, you will not get a new Activation Code while Reactivation. The license (with your old Activation Code) will be reactivated to the new Soft-eLicenser.

Just go thru the Reactivation process and type the new Soft-eLicenser, where the license should be reactivated to.

Once you activated your Cubase, you don’t need the Activation Code anymore.


oh, first sorry for my bad comprehension but I still couldn’t really understand it well

so which one is the new elicense? is that the one in the paper given? with 32 digit alphanumeric or?

thank you and sorry


The one, which is written on the paper is (most probably) a Download Access Code (as it is written on the paper). You used this to get an Activation Code in your MySteinberg account. Then you used this Activation Code in the eLCC application to Activate your Cubase license.

Then you (hopefully) registered your Soft-eLicenser from the eLCC application. If you did it, you can reactivate to the new computer. You can find the Soft-eLicenser Number in the eLCC application. This is the one, which has to be entered during the Reactivation process.


oh, oh yes, in my elcc I have already had a soft elicenser its the 20 digit alpha numeric code, and I entered this number in the Steinberg account and it says

“Your eLicenser with the number xxxxxxx was successfully registered.
Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.”

what does that means?

thank you


Now Reactivate the license from your old Soft-eLicenser to the new one, please.


okay I have done few beginning procedure of reactivation, and it appears like this

Please select the Soft-eLicenser you intend to reactivate. You will receive new Activation Codes for all contained product licenses. Use them in the eLicenser Control Center after a reinstallation of the operating system/the switch to a new computer and the reinstallation of the product(s).

What is a reactivation?

There is no Soft-eLicenser to reactivate.
Your Soft-eLicenser is not listed? Add the Soft-eLicenser to your account.

What does this means? thank you very much


for your information, the harddisk that I used to activate in the past was connected to the computer not as the main windows harddisk, does this causes that?

thank you very much


To me it seems you didn’t registered your old Soft-eLicenser into your MySteinberg account. Did you?


as far as I notice, I think I have registered it before…but looking at the condition in reality, does that mean I haven’t been putting any elicense into my Steinberg account?

if I am not wrong, we got 2 papers instead of one from purchasing a physical hardware, one is the access code for download Cubase ai, and the other is the activation code which is the elicense, but I am definitely 100% very sure that I input the access code to download the cubaseai, because I have the Cubase ai exe file and the halion one, and I have just installed it in this new pc, which got me confused when I was asked to input activation code when I opened the Cubase ai.

but if I haven’t registered it before, how come I saw the elicense before I re-input the elicense this morning, I mean, yesterday and the several days before I have already seen the elicense there in the elcc,

I am now getting more confused, or do I need to input again the activation code in the ESSENTIAL PRODUCT LICENSE INFORMATION piece of paper?

Thank you in advance


is there 2 activation codes?

I mean is elicense activation code, the same as the Cubase le ai elements 9.5 activation code?

thank you


No, there is nothing like eLicenser Activation Code. There is Soft-eLicenser Number and license Activation Code.


oh, then…will the access code to download the cubase ai (that is written in one of the paper given) give me activation code, after i input it in the steinberg website? (because i am not sure anymore it is already few months since i did that)

and then i am pretty sure that the other piece of paper which gives the activation code is definitely the license activation code, which i most probably had input it before because it is already in the elcc.

i was looking at the youtube guide, i saw there should be a new elicense number shown in the elcc that is different with what is inside our account, which in my case, it is both the same, that means i dont really have new activation code, why is that so? does that mean that my new pc still recognize the “old” elicense number even if i have a completely new harddisk with new operating system?

if that so, then why i was still asked to input an activation code in my cubase?

i am still very confused…

thank you very much


unless the activation code for cubase and soft elicense is completely two different things, then it is still very confusing for me i am very sorry.

thank you very much


My guess is, this is because you didn’t registered your old Soft-eLicenser Number (so there is only the new one). Again, did you?

You will not get a new Activation Code after Reactivation.

I sent you PM (Private Message) here on the forum. Please replay to it.