Mildly annoying change from 12 pro to 13 pro

I have a key command setup, so when i have a channel or channels selected. i can one click a new group channel to the selected channels. In 12 pro it would then open the add group channel box and have the name box selected automatically, making adding a group a nice smooth and quick operation. It seems in 13 pro that when i go to add group, i now physically have to select the name box instead of it being automatic. which means for me in the full flow of creativity i sometimes end up using several key commands like metornome etc when i don’t want to. I know its a tiny problem to have but its annoying the hell out of me, anybody know a solution


This lack of auto-focus on dialogue boxes where talked about in another thread. To me it sounds like an oversight when they completely changed how windows are handled in Cubase 13.
I haven’t seen any official response but I hope it on their radar.


I think so too. If you ask me, I unfortunately always leave the tab indexing for the later stages of the UI, always too focused on the elements functioning properly. The good news is that tab indexing is not really hard to correct, so I guess it will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

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You are absolutely right, this is a frustrating change in Cubase 13. It interrupts my workflow. I hope they fix this issue soon.