Millenium Touch


My very first attempt to set up my virtual orchestra without HSO using only Halion Sonic SE 3 (or 2?). That was before I bought HSO and doing more symphonic pieces. Alongside symphonic ideas I have some 120 instrumentals and songs. Some of them are on Bandcamp site too.

This piece is almost 10 years old and all this time it was used only to train fingers playing string pads on my synth Yamaha CS1x. Since I have Cubase DAW, I’m breathing wider :wink:

Hey ANeeman, thanks for posting it! I’m getting the vibe of an Italian film score (light comedy). That’s good! Isn’t it great to have all those instruments under your fingers? I do like your orchestration ideas.

Yes, it would be great to have them all :slight_smile: Thanks, Early21. It’s like italian film score?! :slight_smile: Maybe something mafiozzy, yeaaahh! :slight_smile: Sounds good!

I’ve done some more orchestrations using HSO. Some told that HSO is not good enough - they use NI. But in fact I cannot buy for now such complete instruments bundle. So I use a small, light version of “my big dream orchestra” :slight_smile: Ideas are big, but technically lot of them are impossible. Last months I’m trying to contact some conductors and masters here in Latvia, I send them my compositions (ten or more), but they don’t respond when I’m talking about working together. I know I’m not Sibelius or Mozart. That’s my fault?! :smiley:

Sorry for late response. I’m looking for what people puts here and see known title - Millenium Touch. Wow! It’s mine :smiley: I forgot that I put it here.
I will put here some more compositions very soon.

I’ve uploaded new composition on
See the post here -