Million Stories

Here’s a pop/rock song I wrote back in early 90s. I originally recorded it on an old Akai 12 track tape machine at a friend’s house & did the drums on an Alesis SR16 drum machine.
About 10 years ago, he brought the tape machine over so that he could transfer a load of unfinished recordings he had done with Kofi Baker, so I took the opportunity to transfer the album I had made and see if I could modernise it a bit. I replaced the drums and did the best I could to clean up the tracks with today’s plugins. It was a fun project working on recordings I had made over half my lifetime ago. Anyway, here’s the result.

Nice job. Really like the bass in particular.

Cheers! Actually the bass was the last thing I did on this track. It sounded a bit too country with the original guide I had played (altho I do love country music). I’m not a bass player, so just kept messing around all day unil something came along, it totally changed the song.

It sounds great. It reminds me of a lot of songs we were doing in our cover band before Covid. That is, 70’s, 80’s rock stuff. Man, I wish we could play again.

Cheers Early!
Yes, I really miss playing live. This is the longest I have gone without a gig since I started in late 80s.
I’m holding on to an optimistic expectation that if there’s one thing people are going to want to do more than anything else, if/when we ever get out of this mess, it’s get out & party!