MinGW plugin not detected by the MSVC TestHost but validated with MinGW validator

Hi !

I’m new with the VST3 SDK and I tried toying with it. I sucessfully build and test a simple custom “passthrough” plugin using an MSVC toolchain and CMake. No issue here.

I then tried, for sport and because I do love Makefiles, to use GNU Make from scratch (without CMake) and the MSYS2 MinGW64 G++ toolchain to build the same simple plugin. I managed to build the plugin, the validator and “moduleinfotool”, to generate the moduleinfo and to validate the plugin using the validator I just built. The plugin is even validated by the “validatemyplugin” website. The issue is that the TestHost, from the initial MSVC/CMake build, doesn’t recognize the plugin. Same with Ableton Live. I tried running the validator from the MSVC/CMake build and it says that it can’t load the module as it is invalid.

I have tried a lot of thing but at this point I think that I am defeated … Do you have any idea what may have went wrong ? Maybe I should stop toying and go with what works, but I’m really interested in understanding that situation …

Thanks in advance for the help !

Hi, are you able to share your source code?