Mini Sampler bug report

The audio file assigned to the root key is around a semitone off.

A few days back I migrated from an iPad 2 to an iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (3rd generation), iOS 12.1.1, Cubasis 2.7, but it’s the first time I’m using Mini Sampler. I never used Mini Sampler on my iPad 2.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

Don’t connect the iPad Pro with a class compliant audio interface, just use the internal audio device.
Run Cubasis only, don’t use any other software.
Start a new project with 90 BPM, 48 KHz, 16 bit, latency medium.
Record a MIDI track playing a single long A4 note with Micro Sonic’s preset “Soft Bass”.
Freeze the MIDI track.
Safe the audio file to media.
Make a new Mini Sampler instrument by loading this audio file.
Change the root key one or two times, but in the end make the root key A4.
Loop the sample.
Make the default volume of that sound 12.00 dB.
Name the Mini Sampler user sound “Soft Bass 2”.
Unfreeze Micro Sonic’s MIDI track.
Copy the Micro Sonic’s MIDI recording to the Mini Sampler’s MIDI track.
Compare the audio output of both tracks.
On my iPad Mini Sampler is around a semitone off, but it’s not exactly a semitone.
That’s not the only issue of Mini Sampler, let alone of Cubasis as a whole, but this particular issue renders Mini Sampler useless.