Mini Sampler future improvements?


I absolutely love Cubasis! It has given me so many joys over the last year! :slight_smile:
Everytime I open it I still can’t believe it is in the palm of my hand (actually both of my hands :smiley: )

However, coming from an MPC2500, Maschine, and Cubase’s Groove Agent background makes me wish there were more sample mangling features on MiniSampler.

Will there be features that make Sample based users feel more comfortable with MiniSampler? Right now it’s aimed at making instrument patches.
I was looking for something like: Chopping, Individual Sample tunning (without having to stretch a bunch of notes on the keyboard), etc.
Will it be considered on future versions of Cubasis?

Thanks for the great job at Steinberg!

Best regards!

Hi RobertFernandes,

Thanks for your nice feedback regarding Cubasis!
We’re glad to hear that you like the app so far.

As you might imagine, our backlog is packed with many feature requests.
And the next update release will add a great number of nice features as well…

We will make sure to have your MiniSampler feature requests added to the backlog.


Thanks Lars!

Looking forward for that update!

Keep checking App store update to see if Cubasis is there, where are you, any sneak peak on new features Lars. And i totally agree mini sampler need some work.

Hi djjunior,

We’re working full steam on the new update, to be announced once available.
Sorry not being able to spread some infos on the great new features. Please be patient, promise to be worth the wait.