minidisc to mp3 help

I have about 100 backing tracks on minidisc that I need to convert into individual mp3 files. Im transferring all the songs on to cubase using one continuous track. Is there a quick easy way of splitting the track up so I have all the songs as individual tracks?

Split tool -> bounce selection

You could also use an automated method, the DetectSilence function (right mouse on audio event, Advanced->DetectSilence) cuts out all the ‘silence’ and leaves individual audio events on the track line. I sometimes use it for very quickly topping and tailing BVs. It might work for you depending on the songs. Should give you an 80% job done automatically I think, then you could audition the starts and ends of each event using various key strokes quite quickly I’d say.

You’d then need to either bounce or perhaps just export each separate audio event (using L/R markers) as MP3.


Sorry, not read thoroughly enough… :blush:
bounce won´t work for mp3 - requires export audio mixdown…

What, you mean we can’t set 64kpbs MP3 as the project file format - shocking! :open_mouth: :laughing: Mike.

Many thanks GargoyleStudio Just done Minidsisc with 40 songs and detect silence did the trick. only down side to all this is saving each song as an mp3 file. Still saved a lot of time many thanks

If you don’t already know, then JHP has an excellent step-by-step approach, search for his posts. Or in brief, basically, leave the export window open, select each clip, press P (to set markers), then I think all you’d have to do would be to click Export. Repeat.


P.S. Glad to be of service :slight_smile:

Will do many thanks