Minilab mk2 connection problem

Hi There. I am using a brand new installation of cubase 12, and have a Minilab MK2 keyboard.
I have connected the keyboard via USB to the computer. It shows up in Cubase in de midi device manager.
I have checked the In All Midi in the midi devicemanager.
I have created a track with Halion insturment.
When I play on the keyboard, I can see midi coming in on the right bottom corner, but no sound is played/audible. Normal audio tracks are audible, so audio conection is OK.
Also no output is shown on the channel itself in Cubase.
I have added two screenshots. One of the working area, while playing on the keyboard, one of the midi settings.

I am using the Behringer Xair 18 as in-out device. I als o have an X touch, but for testing purposes I did not connect that at this moment to rule things out…

Hope anyone can help me, for I already spend hours trying to get this working :frowning:

this is the other screenshot

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Enable the Record (or Monitor) on the track, please.

According to the screen shot there is no patch loaded in HALion SE, so there can’t be any sound. Load any patch to HALion SE that is connected to MIDI channel one.

That did the trick! thanks a million!