Minimize All!

Hi all,

well, since “Enhanced Window Handling” ended up on 2nd place in Guillermo’s list, why not give me an option to click on the maximized project window’s “minimize” button, and instead of minimizing just the project window, let me minimize the entirety of Cubase with all windows, so that I can see the desktop?
I use a mixer full-screen on one monitor and the project window on another, and it would be really nice to get it all out of the way with one click instead of a right-click and a left-click.
Nitpicking? Maybe, but easy to do, I think!


Windows itself can do this. There is a little thin section on right edge of the Windows’ Taskbar, if you click that, all the windows will minimize. If you just hover over it the windows will temporarily minimize for the duration of the hover.

Thx raino!
Although, I knew that…
Thing is, I have a dual monitor setup and it’s a bitch to hit that area before the mouse jumps to the other monitor… If only I could choose to put the desktop peek area onto the rightmost monitor!
I’d still like to have standard window behavior with Cubase, although I do realize that the project window is only one of the many windows one could want to minimize…
You can always wish, can’t you? :wink:
Like for a preference: “Clicking minimize in the title bar of the project window minimizes all open windows” Y/N

Cheers and thanks for your input,

P.S.: The anti-profanity filter around here is a hoot! :smiley:

Well you can relocate the entire taskbar to the right monitor if you tell Windows that’s your main monitor in Control Panel.

Just press windowsbutton + D and everything is minimized.

raino, thanks! But I’m left-handed and this would drive me crazy… :wink:

This is cool, you learn something every day, thanks! :sunglasses:

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