Minimum Bar Number Space Between Staves (Layout Options)

Hi Dorico team!

I have found myself wanting to add bar numbers in the midst of my orchestral scores very regularly (between woods & brass, and brass & strings etc.) for ease of reading on recording sessions. Forgive me if I am just not looking in the correct place, but I cannot seem to find a way to specify ‘always have at least ___ space between staves where bar numbers are inserted’? A parameter as follows would be infinitely useful:

Stave A
Stave B

(parameter of minimum allowable distance)


(parameter of minimum allowable distance)

Stave C
Stave D

Currently I am having to manually shift all staves around in Engrave mode to achieve this, which is really rather time consuming on large scores. Alternatively, if I am missing an easy way to achieve this, please do let me know - I would be most grateful…!

Thanks a lot. Wes

You’re right that there’s currently no way to tell Dorico to add extra space for bar numbers in the middle of the system. It’s a good idea, and something we plan to implement in future.

Great news - thanks Daniel! I look forward to the implementation :slight_smile: