Minions apply here:

Looking for minions to answer questions.

Please post resume here for consideration of answer position appointment.

We have performed as minions in a movie and animated series. We are eager to serve!

I’m trying to fill out the form, but I’m confused by the sex M/F section.

Oh, you said Minion, my bad.

Is there a place for a Minion 'roadie?
I’m not very bright but I can lift heavy stuff and work a spotlight.


I usually circle the N…

…for never.


That’s better than for neither.

Dolphin minion with a disabilty , rejected by his own species , gets accepted by a group of Sperm Whales ;

Smart whales , I say ;
A) he is no threat to them
B) maybe ( we don’t know ) he might have superior sonar that could be of benefit to the herd .