Minisampler & microsampler presets


There are very few built-in instruments that come with CUBASIS.
where can I find more sounds and presets?
Are there any extensions that can be downloaded?


Some help ???

There are very few sounds in both samplers, really very few sounds!

How do I add more sounds?
Which file formats are supported?
Where can I find extensions?

And I’m not talking about making musical instruments myself (it’s complicated and time consuming) from raw wav files but about ready-made sounds.

Hi Mr young,

Below please find some additional information about the MiniSampler.

Browse, preview and load factory presets

  • Go to Media/Instruments
  • Choose Microsonic, MiniSampler or Micologue
  • Select a preset and enable “Autoplay” to listen to an audio example
  • Double tap on a preset to load the instrument plus preset to a new MIDI track

MiniSampler tutorials

How to Use the MiniSampler in Cubasis

Cubasis Minisampler Tutorial for iPad, Making Great Samples

How To Use The MiniSampler In Cubasis 3 To Create Custom Instruments

Hope that helps.


You might want to try layering two or more presets. Its surprising the difference that can often make. Same goes for other instruments as well.