First of all, thank you for the minisampler and its easy workflow.

I made a number of instruments so far using samples I imported using iTunes fiile transfer - mainly electric basses and acoustic drum kits.

I noticed that when i drag a sample from media bay and drop it onto a key, a dialog box pops up saying “saving”. Is this just saying that its saving a link to the sample in the media bay audio folder? Or is a copy of the sample being saved in the instrument file itself? I suppose this is a roundabout way of asking if the samples in the media bay audio folder can be removed after the instrument is made. Something like how instruments are made in Music Studio or FLSM.

Hi relayer,

Thanks for your message.

Samples are stored with the MiniSampler instrument.
So you’re free to decide to delete imported audio files.


Thanks Lars. That’s good news. I’m assuming that I can then save the new instruments to my desktop using iTunes and import them back to the iPad also using iTunes?

Hi Relayer,

That’s correct.