Minor annoyance with properties pane

Hi all.

I find myself more and more using the shortcut ctrl+8 to unfold the properties pane at the bottom of the screen instead of clicking with the mouse.
This is because when I click with the mouse, I have to do it several times before something happens. Not a big deal, but is this something you can reproduce on your setups?

Windows 10, laptop in dockstation with mouse connected.

Is there a chance that you’ve used Ctrl-0 to hide all the panels, previously? Ctrl-0 is a toggle; you’re not supposed to be able to unhide individual panels without having typed Ctrl-0 again (though in some circumstances it is possible).

Ah, that’s probably it. Really helpful, I never thought of Ctrl-0 as a toggle. This at least seems to be the reason for the mouse click behaviour. Though, I do not get consistent results from experimenting with the Ctrl-shortcuts. Sometime this sometimes that.

Thanks a lot!

as far as i can see, CTRL+0 hides all panels and typing it again unhides all the panels which have just been hidden. Typing CTRL+8 or one of the others when in hide mode automatically exits hide mode and re-opens just the panel you’ve selected. Thus it works how I would expect and not as pianleo says it’s supposed to work. Curious!

Clearly for you. CTRL+0 is sometimes behaving differently though. Doesn’t surprise me as I’ve had unpredictable issues with other keyboard combinations which few can reproduce… Must be one of the hardest things to fix.

There are two icons to the right of the layout dropdown, in the centre of the top panel. All I know is that when the second of these icons is highlighted, Ctrl/Cmd-7, 8 and 9 don’t work reliably. It’s been like this for as long as I can remember.

ok, finally managed to reproduce with ctrl+8 so I see where you’re both at. After several minutes keyboard banging, I have not managed a single replication with 7 or 9 though.