Minor Annoying Differences from Cubase 5

I’ve upgraded from C5 to 7.5 a short time ago. For the most part it’s an awesome upgrade, but there’s a few things they’ve changed that are really annoying and slow down my workflow.

First of all, the horizontal scrolling is backwards now. I’m using a trackpad on a Mac, and usually swiping two fingers towards the left would scroll the timeline forwards. Now it’s backwards for no good reason, as if it were a touchscreen (which it’s not). Swiping left moves it right. This also holds true for the piano roll editor. It makes absolutely no sense, and it sucks when I’m doing some precision editing and accidentally push the whole timeline/piano roll the wrong way. Is there any way to reverse this? I’ve tried looking through the preferences and haven’t found anything.

The other thing is accessing audio inserts on Instrument tracks in the Inspector tab. Instead of Audio Inserts being right next to MIDI inserts, Notepad, Quick Controls, etc., now I have to go through an extra menu by hitting the instrument itself, THEN hitting Audio Inserts. All of the other audio related controls are buried here too, like the Strip, Equalizer and Sends. Why did they have to add an extra mouse click for all audio processing on an instrument track? Again, it doesn’t make much sense and it slows down my productivity, since I primarily work with VST instruments. Is there a fix for this?

Eh, hate to bump this and be all rude, but does anyone have fixes for the above problems?