Minor bug: change tempo resets custom scale of tempo marking

Pretty easy repro:

  1. Add a q=100 tempo marking at the beginning of the score.
  2. In the bottom properties panel, enable custom scale and set it to 130%. (I find Dorico’s default to always be far too small.)
  3. Changed my mind, double-click on that q=100 and change it to q=105.
  4. Custom scale automatically gets switched off and reset, so now I have to re-enable custom scale and set it to 130.

Es ist kein Bug, weil die Tempobezeichnung komplett neu erstellt wird (und damit auch keine Eigenschaften gesetzt sind).

Ändere das Tempo doch im Eigenschaftspanel bei “Tempo bpm”, dann bleibt alles wie du es möchtest :slight_smile:

Translation from Google Translate:

It’s not a bug because the tempo marking is created from scratch (and therefore no properties are set).
Change the tempo in the properties panel at “Tempo bpm”, then everything stays as you want it :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, that doesn’t really make sense. I created a tempo marking, changed its size, then changed the tempo, and its size reverted. The size property should be independent from the tempo property. Who would create a tempo marking, purposefully resize it, then change their mind on a tempo (a musical decision), and expect Dorico to prefer the old size rather than the new (a cosmetic decision)?

Are you aware you are in the german speaking Dorico Forum?

You didn’t change the Tempo property, you double clicked the tempo indication and entered a new one. At this point, Dorico considers this a new indication, deletes the old and creates a new one. If you just want to change the metronome number, do so via the properties panel.

Haha, no I didn’t notice I was in the German forum! That explains it. Sorry about that. OK, thanks for the explanation. (Still not satisfied that it works this way, but…)

It’s consistent behavior with all popovers in Dorico, except playing techniques, where the old ones are not deleted (I think).

No problem! It can be confusing :wink: