minor bug: closing a tab closes Dorico


With the latest 1.1.10 (and earlier versions) if you are running Dorico in full screen mode with 2 open projects in tabs, and close a tab, it just closes the whole program instead of only that tab. I would expect it to only close that project. It’s no big deal, because I can just restart Dorico, no data loss or problems, just a minor annoyance.

Thanks for a great program. I performed one of my cello etudes today, and a violist came up asking if I could transcribe it for viola. So I copied the whole flow, made a new one, added viola, made a new custom layout and added only that flow and the viola, pasted into viola, transposed up an octave with the transpose option, filtered to select text only (to remove cello fingerings) and change clef to treble in a few places and back to alto. Voila viola. 2 minutes of work and the part is gorgeous. I love Dorico

I see the same full screen tab problem too (i.e. open 1 file, set to full screen, then open 2nd file, you see two tabs, close one of them, Dorico would close, same as what CelloG reported). After trying several times on my mac, at one time the clash report of Mac OS came up asking whether to send it to Apple or not.

But if I open 2 files in their own windows, then set each to full screen, Dorico works fine, but I won’t see two tabs in the full screen mode because now each file has its own full screen.

if you select the whole flow in Write mode: Command (Control)-Alt-Arrow up; and without going into transpose options you just shift the music by an octave. And that is, what you wanted :slight_smile:

There is indeed an incompatibility between Dorico and macOS Sierra’s full-screen tabs functionality, which we’re aware of and which we hope to fix one way or another. It may be that we temporarily disable support for this feature (an application can tell the operating system that it does not support it) if we cannot figure out exactly what is causing the crash in the short term.