Minor Bug in "Live Stage"

There is a minor bug in the “Live Stage” UI: if two Dorico instruments are using the same VST (multi-timbral) instrument and are using different MIDI ports but the same MIDI channel, the instruments cannot be seperated on the Live Stage UI.

I just tried to configure this myself with two flute instruments, one assigned to port 1, channel 1 of HALion 7, and the other assigned to port 2, channel 1 of the same instance of HALion 7, and I find I am able to move the two instruments separately on the Live Stage.

Could you please prepare a minimal case that reproduces the problem and attach it here? Thanks!

Daniel - I will do so tomorrow. I am using VEPro - perhaps that makes a difference?

In theory it shouldn’t make any difference, but let’s see!

For the Dorico Dev Team - Bug in Live Stage UI.dorico (1.5 MB)

Daniel - please note I have also emailed John Barron the same file as he requested it as well.

ALl the best

Thanks for the project file, James. We’ll take a look.

BTW, this is happening to me right now as well – can’t separate instruments in Live Stage. I’m also using VEPro with 4 different ports active.

EDIT and of the 9 instruments in the score, only 4 are moveable, the rest are stacked/glued to the others.