Minor bug (UI) - Import Audio CD dialog box

With an audio CD in the machine, Cubase project open, go to File -> Import -> Audio CD

  1. Select a single track from the list in top window
  2. Press the button labelled ‘Copy’ below
  3. Progress bar next to it starts; button label changes to ‘Stop’ (in case you want to abort); progress bar completes, and entry is listed in the box below.
  4. Note that the button you pressed at ‘2’ stays labelled as ‘Stop’.
  5. You can continue to select other single/multiple tracks and import ok, pressing the button, even though it stays labelled ‘Stop’.
  6. Close and re-open the dialog; the button is back to being labelled ‘Copy’.

Expected:- after ‘3’, the button should return to ‘Copy’ label

Anyone confirm please.?