Minor bug with hairpins

When inputting hairpins (cresc and decrescendo ) by selecting a group of notes, the hairpin on the BOTTOM stave extends over to the next bar (see attached screenshot)

I have checked this by adding a temp stave underneath and it fixed itself. As soon as I removed the bottom stave the problem re-appeared.

Seems to happen in both galley and page view.
hairpin bug.jpg
Re-looking at it, I can see why this is happening - the bottom stave hairpin has no barline to stop it from overflowing.

I appreciate this is easily rectified in Engrave mode.

You can set a property on the hairpin so it always finishes before the barline. I can’t remember the name of the property at the moment I’m afraid - I think it might be called “barline interaction”!

You can also change this behaviour by default: go to the Dynamics page of Engraving Options, find the Gradual Dynamics group, and open up the Advanced Options section. In there, set Hairpins ending at beginning of note at start of bar to Do not cross barline.

Thanks for the response. I spotted the preference in the manual last night, but there is still an inconsistency in that even if the stop at barlines preference is not set, all the hairpins save the one in the bottom stave stop at the bar line when all the notes in a bar are selected.

I think the the hairpin in the bottom stave should stop too if only notes in that bar are selected, regardless of the setting in the engraver preferences.

I wonder if there’s any way to achieve what Gould suggests on page 95. That is, to extend hairpins “to a first beat that is some distance after a barline” but at the same time prevent them from touching a barline. Currently, I can do one thing but not the other.

If I choose the option to make hairpins stop before the barline, that prevents them from extending if the next beat is too far away. If I choose the option to let them cross the barline I end up with several measures in which the hairpin stops right at the barline.

I hope they implement a mixed solution in the future. I mean something like “do not cross the barline except when the next beat is more than X spaces away from the barline.”


I found it! It was there all the time. I just had to adjust the “minimum distance to right of barline to allow dynamic to cross barline”. The trick is to increase it. That way, the hairpin crosses the barline but only when the next beat is too far away. Three spaces was enough.