Minor Bug?


When changing the channel meter colours in preferences while the project is playing, I get Nuendo to crash when adding a few colours.

Minor, since it is a set and forget feature really. Otherwise everything is perfect the past few hours I’ve used it. MixConsole GUI seems faster as well compared to Cubase 6 demo on the same project, but maybe it’s my idea.

I experimented with coloring the channel meters, channels etc over the weekend and the only glitch I saw was with the control room meter changing color along with channel meters only to then switch back. But no crash.

Ah ok, thanks for the info. Maybe it’s project specific then, as it is a 5.5 music production project but the same project didn’t cause crashes when changing colours in Cubase 6 demo, so I though it was Nuendo.

Most probably a false alarm then, I’ll play a bit more with Nuendo before I post any bugs.