Minor CC121 suggestion for PG

Hi PG,

Finally got my DAW back up and running with C7, WL7 and CC121… and working great so far… but one thing I’ve been meaning to ask you is the smallest of suggestions.

Can you PLEASE make the little blue blinking “Cubase Ready” light on the CC121 light STOP BLINKING when WL7 loads up and detects it?! Either turn it off, or turn it on, like when C7 is running. Surely that’s not a big deal, right? It’s driving me crazy. :slight_smile:

Not as easy as you might think…

Why would it not be easy to do that? Surely not a programming issue? Must be internal Steinberg/Yamaha politics and red tape… don’t reply to this post if I’m right… :wink:

The technical issue is this: this requires “sysex midi protocol”, something not needed anywhere else, hence not implemented in WaveLab. Is that worth (maybe) a day of work? I’m not sure.

I see… makes sense… well, if implementing sysex midi protocol would only benefit a single blinking light on the CC121, then I guess it’s not worth it. However, if you can come up with other brilliant uses for sysex midi protocol, then maybe it is. Aren’t there other controllers or devices that have features you could tap into that would benefit? If not, then no worries. Let’s keep you working on WaveLab 8! :slight_smile:

For irritating blinking or too bright lights, I always keep some of this handy… Works great; and zero pogramming! :sunglasses:

I was waiting for someone to suggest that! :laughing: However, some of us like to leave our shiny wonderful gear unblemished by electrical tape, even if it does result in the annoying blinking light.

And honestly, I wouldn’t mind covering up an annoying light in some situations, but this one is actually a useful light with Cubase, since I know that Cubase is connected to the CC121 when it runs… so it serves a purpose. Just wanted to see if it was quick and easy for PG to add such a feature to WaveLab as well, but it looks like it may be more hassle than it’s worth.