minor expression map issue

In the attached file, I have created a test expression map with a Natural and a Natural Harmonic 1. The Natural Harmonic 1 has a different keyswitch and is transposed up an octave.

When playing back the file (from any starting point) the expression map is honored (the key switch as expected and the transposition occurs).

When selecting the harmonics note, the key switch is asserted as expected, but the transposition does not occur.

I think, but have not tested this thoroughly, that any expression that has a transposition different from that of a Natural will not occur when selecting the note.

Ignore the sound when looking at this. I just created an expression map from the existing default. This expression map is not useful with the HSSO device.

Looking at the attached midi traces, the file select.png shows the harmonics selection in red as not transposed (E3 instead of E4). In the playback.png file, it shows the correct transposition.
test.dorico.zip (435 KB)

Yes, you’re right: at the moment, we only perform the necessary transposition for the “Natural” playing technique. I’ve made a note of this and we’ll address it in a future version.