Minor FR: Show # of bars selected

When selecting multiple bars, it’d be nice to get the number of bars selected in addition to the range.

Something like this:


There isn’t really a concept of “selected bars” in Dorico per se, because there is no separate concept of range selection, but perhaps at some point in the future we could at least describe the first bar and the last bar in which something is selected. I’m worried that this could be misleading.

I’m confused by what you mean. Dorico is clearly showing a range of selected bars, and has since version 1.

Sorry for not being clearer. Imagine a single-staff part. It’s possible for you to select bar rests in, say, bars 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6, but not in bar 5. Should the selection then be reported as bars 1–6?

That is indeed how it’s reported.

For bar counting purposes, any bar which has any item selected should count, so like in this case I’d suggest the toolvar reading Bars 54-60 (4)