Minor hiccup on startup when VPN fails

I had one of those “Oh, Oh” moments on startup of Cubase 13.0.3 where it appeared to hang and then took a very long time to work through the ARA plugins (including Melodyne as per Steinberg freebie offer).

It took a good minute or two, enough time to start poking around on my PC.

I realised it was some side effect of the Google 1 VPN which I run which has an occasional habit of stalling. Switching the VPN off and on again restored the perkiness of the start-up without the need for any intervention.

I am guessing that Cubase looks for an active connection for licence validation and assumed that as the WiFi was active, it had a working connection and then started sulking over nobody answering it.

More of an FYI than in need of a fix.

Windows 11 Home 23H2, 32GB mem. i7-10700 2.90GHz

That’s probably not it, I would say. The local network is used by the VST system. You have to configure the VPN to allow local network traffic. If the VPN you’re using is broken there won’t be much to do.

Steinberg licensing does not call home except through the Download Manager and Activation Manager.