Minor improvement suggestion: Tab order in player instrument picker

Currently, when selecting an instrument for a new player, the tab order is family->search->instrument, with search being the default selection.
I think the tab order should search->family->instrument instead (with search remaining the default selection).

My reasoning is that if you are using the computer’s keyboard to select an instrument, then currently since search is the default, you would to have to shift-tab back to the family selection, and then tab twice (into search, and then into the instrument selection) to select your instrument. This seems a bit awkward, and it’s also not what the manual suggests (page 21 of the Dorico 2 PDF manual says simply “Press Up Arrow/Down Arrow to select an instrument family, then press Tab to switch to the instrument column. Press Up Arrow/Down Arrow to select an instrument.”).

If the tab order is changed to search->family->instrument, then you would have to click tab to get to the family, select a family, then click tab again to get to the instrument - much more intuitive.


We have the tab order as it is currently because we anticipate that you would type the first few letters of the instrument, then Tab into the instrument list to pick the exact one you’re after. The current approach certainly prioritises going directly to the instrument rather than navigating by way of the family first.

Is it possible to alter a file somewhere to delete unneeded instruments?

Is there an option to have instruments listed in score order? I hate having them in alpha…

IIRC That is on the roadmap.

Alpenhorn… :laughing: (with perfunctory apologies to alpenhorn players)

Though there’s surely a law somewhere that says as soon as you delete an instrument, you’ll need it.

But the order isn’t consistent between all scores, even if you only include “orchestral” instruments.

For example in concert wind bands, the clarinets are a separate section, not part of the woodwind as in orchestra scores, and the French horns are below the trumpets, again unlike orchestra scores. And the percussion is below the string bass, not above the string section.

Been there…

I can’t think of a way to have a perfunctory interaction with an alpenhorn. Unless there is a sopranissimo version that is only played by garden gnomes.

(But there was the premiere of a concerto for four alpenhorns and orchestra in the 2018 BBC Promenade Concert season, which was worth hearing).

“Four Alpenhorns”? How could you not hear it? :open_mouth:

Hear you go, Derrek: (Not the proms performance, and the start seems to have got lost from the recording). Georg Friedrich Haas - Concerto Grosso No. 1 (for alphorns and orchestra) (2014) - YouTube

According to the Proms introduction, the “beating unisons” are intentional, not out of tune.

Liked your spelling of “here/hear.” Very clever.

I’m almost ashamed to admit the truth - it was a typo. But them I’m pretty shameless anyway :wink:

More like subconsciously clever, I’m sure. :smiley:
(The Alpenhorn was an interesting composition, too. Thanks.)

(Re-claiming the thread from all Alpenhorn lovers :laughing: )

Right, but the design turns out pretty weird since if you tab into the instruments list instead of searching for a wildcard, you only see the brass family instruments… And if you want to change a family you have to shift-tab back twice and then tab back twice back to the instrument - in short, not so friendly to keyboard users who want to browse instruments.

In any case, for the current behavior, the manual wording should be updated, as it currently suggests tabbing once from the instrument family would get you to selecting the instrument, which isn’t so.


We’ll make a note to check what the documentation says and correct it, thanks.