Minor Issue about shift + scrub playback

I am really satisified with new Scrub Playback feature.
Even in this lastest update, now Dorico 5.01 shows beautiful green vertical line where the mouse is when doing that

One minor issue is
When Shift was pressed while doing scrub playback,
(it should do solo playback)
then when I release the shift, the scrub playback plays somewhat improperly
(now it should play all instruments)
for example, it doesn’t play sound at all

Anyway, I am good with this new feature and beautiful vertical green line visually (updated version)

Thank you

Does the problem you describe with releasing Shift resulting in no instruments playing back always happen? Are you engaging scrub playback by using Alt+Space (or Ctrl+Space on Windows), or using the toolbar button, or a key command to toggle it on and off? Are you scrubbing only a selection of instruments, or the whole ensemble?

currently my work has 2 pianos.
I always click toolbar button (speaker shape)
Sometimes I select scrub playback submenu at the play menu
Result of both are the same
(I don’t use keyboard shortcut, which I don’t know how to do)

My piano 2nd part doesn’t have any notes at all,
contrarily my part 1st always has notes now

When I release the Shift when mouse is on piano 2nd part, (no notes there),
then, after that, it doesn’t play even on piano 1st part (when I move my mouse there)
actually it should play both pianos, but doesn’t either

It always happens